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The Story of St. Nicholas and The Valley Beyond
A long, long time ago, a poor and lonely boy chanced upon a welcoming golden village nestled in a magical valley where there is no hunger and no loneliness. The boy, Nicholas, was welcomed by the people of the Valley Beyond the World's Edge. As the years passed, the fears of his childhood became a memory, and then a dream, and then not even that, until even Nick himself came to believe that he had always lived in the Valley.

After a time, Nick and his bride, Wilhelmina, set up housekeeping in Moon Castle. While restoring the castle, Nick stumbled upon a riddle carved into an ancient wall of solid stone: No hands can make me. Two hands can shape me. All hands can take me. A chill ran up Nick's spine—as if the words were meant for him alone—and he felt as though he were on the verge of remembering something he might not want to remember ….

Then one night, Nick had a dream—a dream of hunger and of cold, a dream of fear without name. When he awoke, he knew there was something terribly wrong in the Valley, something that threatened their paradise. The next day, his wife had never seen him so troubled. But that night, Nick dreamed the most terrible dream of all: that he was being swept away by a tremendous rush of water. As he struggled to wake up, he saw at the foot of his bed a small boy—the first child in the Valley since before anyone could remember. In learning to see the Valley through the boy's eyes, Nicholas and Wilhelmina embark upon an adventure that leads them to the discovery of a great secret—nothing less than what lies beyond the mist at the Valley's Edge, and the secret that will heal the Valley.

Though St. Nicholas and The Valley Beyond is out of print, it is still available through many online used book sources.


In the years since its publication, St. Nicholas and The Valley Beyond has proudly participated in institutional fundraising for these organizations:

Seattle Children's Hospital, Seattle WA
Virginia Mason Hospital, Seattle WA
Boston Children's Hospital, Boston MA
Mary Bridge Children's Hospital, Tacoma WA
North Hawaii Community Hospital, Kamuela HI
Children's Services of Sno-Valley, North Bend WA



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