History of Logging Five Panel 30' Mural Gets Permanent Home in New Snoqualmie City Hall

With the 1976 purchase of the former Seattle First National Bank Building, the City of Snoqualmie acquired its first City Hall. Led by Mayor Charles Peterson, the City undertook a project to refurbish and outfit their new quarters. The “History of Logging”, a five panel 30’ mural, hung in the first City Hall on Railroad Avenue until the City built its new facility on River Street in the historic district. The Mural was relocated to its permanent home in the Council Chambers of the new Snoqualmie City Hall when the building was dedicated January 2010.

North Bend Sculpture

Of the entrance screens he designed for the City Burhans said, “Steel spires and cedar slabs mirror the shape of Mount Si and symbolize the strength and endurance of the pioneers who shaped North Bend from forests and mountain slopes”. The City’s architectural entrance screens mark the business district along McClellan Avenue at Bendigo and Main and represent a continuation of the principle, “The Arts in North Bend Are Alive and Growing”.

North Bend Library Mural Characters From the Classics North Bend, Washington

A desire to include the community in a 1994 commission for a new North Bend Library led Richard and Sallie Burhans to organize a valley-wide essay contest. Participants were asked to ‘Read a classic book or poem, and write an essay telling why that title should be represented in the mural.’ Essay finalists would be invited to model for “Characters from the Classics”. Over 400 entries came from elementary and secondary students as well as senior citizens. Portraits of forty Snoqualmie Valley families appeared as various classic characters in the mural, which hangs in the King County Library, North Bend WA. Managing librarian, Keitha Owen said of the mural, “When the library opened, people came here just to see the artwork.”

Starbucks Coffee Mural

With the award of a commission from Starbucks Coffee, Burhans again looked to the community for models for “The Coffee House in Art, Music and Letters”, a six panel mural depicting the history of coffee. This story begins in the Arabian port city of Mocha, where the rituals associated with the enjoyment of coffee began; next we travel to 17th century England and learn of her “Penny Universities”; the European Continent is well represented with the Viennese and Parisian coffee houses of the 19th and early 20th centuries, and finally the mural portrays America’s Garet CafĂ© of the 1960’s where many promising entertainers launched their careers.

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